Rui Toscano – Bio

Victoria Civera (Port de Sagunt, 1955) lives and works between New York and Santander.

After studying at the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de San Carlos, Valencia, where she experimented with photography, photomontage and happening, Victoria Civera moved to Santander at the end of the 1970’s, focussing her work on large-format painting with certain neo-expressionist influence. During the 1980’s she continued with the figurative trend, and after a period of abstract symbolism she moved to New York, where her artistic approach underwent significant creative changes. Her painting evolved on an even more intimate level, while incorporating new materials like plaster, cotton, leather, silk and other objects. In the 1990’s and without ever leaving painting behind, Victoria Civera focussed on constructing sculptures and installations, becoming on of the first Spanish artists to voluntary move away from the notion of style to produce works in different formats using different materials. Similarly, figuration and abstraction are intermingled in her  work in an expressive and harmonious way.

Her conception of art as a universo on which to dump her feelings, emotions and lived experiences results in an ongoing search where the two worlds of her consciousness are intertwined: the figurative one, because as she herself expresses, “we need to affix, to create something real and tangible”; and the abstract one, “what simply takes place” because the human being itself and its feelings are abstract.